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The size of shuttle that a fishing net maker uses is determined by the size of the twine and the mesh size of the cast net. A shuttle used for making and repairing cast nets has to be large enough to hold an adequate amount of twine yet still fit through the small mesh of the net being made or repaired.

Industries of Scotland - Manufacture of Fishing-Nets

A net gauge is the other essential tool used in the making and repair of cast nets. Net gauges are used to give the net mesh its uniform size.

Gauge size is selected by the size of net mesh you want to make. Net gauges are typically made of plastic. Gauges can be purchased or made to custom sizes from readily available material such as wood.

Ray Mears - How to carve a needle and gauge for net making, Northern WIlderness

The twine used in fishing net making should be bonded nylon. Chat now. Password confirmation. Forgotten Password. Please enter your password Forgotten your password? Continue Cancel Send email OK.


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Narrow your search:. Page 1 of 6. Next page. Click on any net, and determine whether or not it can form a cube.

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An animation will provide further explanation. If you do not wish to see the animation, you may prematurely close out the window.

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The net below can be folded into a cube. Do you see it?

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  8. In your mind, try to figure out how it happens. There are exactly eleven nets that will form a cube.

    The Making Of Nets The Making Of Nets
    The Making Of Nets The Making Of Nets
    The Making Of Nets The Making Of Nets
    The Making Of Nets The Making Of Nets
    The Making Of Nets The Making Of Nets
    The Making Of Nets The Making Of Nets

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