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The Essex Girl Joke Book

Portfolio 25 selected works. When in Rome. Wrinklies: A Trip Down Memory Lane Wrinklies' Mike Haskins, Clive Whichelow A delightful celebration of the times gone by--the language we lost, the currency we changed, and the way we used to liveA delightful celebration of the times gone by--the language we lost, the currency we changed, and the way we used to liveWith this miscellany of reminiscences, you will be transported back to a time when exams were harder and fast food wasn't on the menu. The Old Ones are the Best Jokes: Over of the Funniest One-Liners and Puns Mike Haskins This superb collection of of the best jokes, one-liners and puns is filled with nothing but classic rib-ticklers and great gags, all of which have stood the test of time.

You Know You're 60 When You Know You're 50 When Mike Haskins 'You Numpty! Wow I'm A Genieous!!!! Mike has 1 review. Incredible job! Thanks, Larry.

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Mike Zimmerman An award-winning editor and writer who collaborates daily with the world's biggest book and magazine publishers. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK View profile. Mike Haskins I'm a writer and editor of many years experience and can offer advice, editing or proofreading on commercial fiction, non-fiction or memoir.

Join Reedsy to request a free quote from Mike and over 1, similar profiles. Can jokes predict character, or vice versa, can character predict the jokes an individual laughs at? What is a "sense of humour"? A current review of the popular magazine Psychology Today lists over articles discussing various aspects of humour; in psychospeak [ neologism?

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  4. A new psychological assessment tool, the Values in Action Inventory developed by the American psychologists Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman includes humour and playfulness as one of the core character strengths of an individual. As such, it could be a good predictor of life satisfaction. A survey of existing tools to measure humour identified more than 60 psychological measurement instruments.

    There are tools to measure an individual's physical response by their smile ; the Facial Action Coding System FACS is one of several tools used to identify any one of multiple types of smiles. It must be stressed here that both smiles and laughter are not always a response to something funny. In trying to develop a measurement tool, most systems use "jokes and cartoons" as their test materials. However, because no two tools use the same jokes, and across languages this would not be feasible, how does one determine that the assessment objects are comparable?

    Moving on, whom does one ask to rate the sense of humour of an individual? Does one ask the person themselves, an impartial observer, or their family, friends and colleagues? Furthermore, has the current mood of the test subjects been considered; someone with a recent death in the family might not be much prone to laughter. Given the plethora of variants revealed by even a superficial glance at the problem, [89] it becomes evident that these paths of scientific inquiry are mined with problematic pitfalls and questionable solutions.

    Their goal is to empirically test both the six autonomous classification types KRs and the hierarchical ordering of these KRs. Advancement in this direction would be a win-win for both fields of study; linguistics would have empirical verification of this multi-dimensional classification system for jokes, and psychology would have a standardised joke classification with which they could develop verifiably comparable measurement tools. Linguists study words, how words are strung together to build sentences, how sentences create meaning which can be communicated from one individual to another, how our interaction with each other using words creates discourse.

    Jokes have been defined above as oral narrative in which words and sentences are engineered to build toward a punchline. The linguist's question is: what exactly makes the punchline funny? This question focuses on how the words used in the punchline create humour, in contrast to the psychologist's concern see above with the audience response to the punchline. The assessment of humour by psychologists "is made from the individual's perspective; e. Two major new linguistic theories have been developed and tested within the last decades.

    It then goes on to identify the mechanisms involved in creating the punchline. Several years later the SSTH was incorporated into a more expansive theory of jokes put forth by Raskin and his colleague Salvatore Attardo. Together these six KRs could now function as a multi-dimensional descriptive label for any piece of humorous text. Linguistics has developed further methodological tools which can be applied to jokes: discourse analysis and conversation analysis of joking. Both of these subspecialties within the field focus on "naturally occurring" language use, i. One of these studies has already been discussed above, where Harvey Sacks describes in detail the sequential organisation in the telling a single joke.

    Folklore and cultural anthropology have perhaps the strongest claims on jokes as belonging to their bailiwick. Jokes remain one of the few remaining forms of traditional folk literature transmitted orally in western cultures. As a genre they were important enough at the beginning of the 20th century to be included under their own heading in the Aarne—Thompson index first published in Anecdotes and jokes. Beginning in the s, cultural researchers began to expand their role from collectors and archivists of "folk ideas" [81] to a more active role of interpreters of cultural artefacts.

    One of the foremost scholars active during this transitional time was the folklorist Alan Dundes. He started asking questions of tradition and transmission with the key observation that "No piece of folklore continues to be transmitted unless it means something, even if neither the speaker nor the audience can articulate what that meaning might be.

    Why is the joke told right now? Only in this expanded perspective is an understanding of its meaning to the participants possible. This questioning resulted in a blossoming of monographs to explore the significance of many joke cycles. What is so funny about absurd nonsense elephant jokes? Why make light of dead babies? In an article on contemporary German jokes about Auschwitz and the Holocaust, Dundes justifies this research: "Whether one finds Auschwitz jokes funny or not is not an issue.

    This material exists and should be recorded.


    Jokes are always an important barometer of the attitudes of a group. The jokes exist and they obviously must fill some psychic need for those individuals who tell them and those who listen to them. In his book Humor and Laughter: An Anthropological Approach , [34] the anthropologist Mahadev Apte presents a solid case for his own academic perspective. While the label "humorology" has yet to become a household word, great strides are being made in the international recognition of this interdisciplinary field of research.

    The International Society for Humor Studies was founded in with the stated purpose to "promote, stimulate and encourage the interdisciplinary study of humour; to support and cooperate with local, national, and international organizations having similar purposes; to organize and arrange meetings; and to issue and encourage publications concerning the purpose of the society.

    Computational humour is a new field of study which uses computers to model humour; [] it bridges the disciplines of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence. A primary ambition of this field is to develop computer programs which can both generate a joke and recognise a text snippet as a joke. Early programming attempts have dealt almost exclusively with punning because this lends itself to simple straightforward rules. These primitive programs display no intelligence; instead they work off a template with a finite set of pre-defined punning options upon which to build.

    More sophisticated computer joke programs have yet to be developed. The linguistic scripts a. As insentient machines, computers lack the encyclopaedic scripts which humans gain through life experience. They also lack the ability to gather the experiences needed to build wide-ranging semantic scripts and understand language in a broader context, a context that any child picks up in daily interaction with his environment.

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    Further development in this field must wait until computational linguists have succeeded in programming a computer with an ontological semantic natural language processing system. Despite the fact that the field of computational humour is small and underdeveloped, it is encouraging to note the many interdisciplinary efforts which are currently underway. In , Charles Darwin published one of the first "comprehensive and in many ways remarkably accurate description of laughter in terms of respiration, vocalization, facial action and gesture and posture" Laughter. To understand laughter in humans and other primates, the science of gelotology from the Greek gelos , meaning laughter has been established; it is the study of laughter and its effects on the body from both a psychological and physiological perspective.

    While jokes can provoke laughter, laughter cannot be used as a one-to-one marker of jokes because there are multiple stimuli to laugher, humour being just one of them. The other six causes of laughter listed are: social context, ignorance, anxiety, derision, acting apology, and tickling.

    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book
    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book
    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book
    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book
    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book
    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book
    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book
    The Essex Joke Book The Essex Joke Book

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