The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX

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Dick Whiffletree.

ITALY VLOG: FLORENCE - wine tasting, pasta making, + luxury outlet mall

The introduction took place in a modest cafe, where a dinner of six courses was supplied for the ridiculous sum of one franc—soup, a roast, a fry, a bake, a fish, a pie, bread at discretion, and a glass of vinegar generously thrown in. At one end of the table sat the Senator, a very large and muscular man, with iron-gray hair, and features that were very strongly marked and very strongly American.

He appeared to be about fifty years of age. At the other sat the Doctor, a slender young man in black. On one side sat Buttons, and opposite to him was Dick. I never before had any idea of the population of Paris. New York isn't to be compared to it. Set a rat loose in the Champs Elysees, and I bet ten thousand people will be after it in five minutes. Are you in earnest? Whoever fails forfeits a dinner to the Club. But it's wrong," said the Senator. You must lose. The Dodge Club left for the Place Vendome, and the Senator, separating himself from his companions, began the ascent.

Buttons left his friends at a corner to see the result, and walked quickly down a neighboring street. Dick noticed that every one whom he met stopped, stared, and then walked quickly forward, looking up at the column. These people accosted others, who did the same. In a few minutes many hundreds of people were looking up and exchanging glances with one another. In a short time Buttons had completed the circuit of the block, and re-entered the Place by another street.


He was running at a quick pace, and, at a moderate calculation, about two thousand gamins de Paris ran before, beside, and behind him. Gens d'armes caught the excitement, and rushed frantically about. Soldiers called to one another, and tore across the square gesticulating and shouting. Carriages stopped; the occupants stared up at the column; horsemen drew up their rearing horses; dogs barked; children screamed; up flew a thousand windows, out of which five thousand heads were thrust. At the end of twenty minutes, after a very laborious journey, the Senator reached the top of the column.

He looked down. A cry of amazement burst from him. The immense Place Vendome was crammed with human beings. Innumerable upturned faces were staring at the startled Senator. All around, the lofty houses sent all their inmates to the open window, through which they looked up.

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The very house-tops were crowded. Away down all the streets which led to the Place crowds of human beings poured along. However, I must perform my part, so here goes. At the seventh whirl his fingers slipped, and a great gust of wind caught the hat and blew it far out into the air.

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It fell. A deep groan of horror burst forth from the multitude, so deep, so long, so terrible that the Senator turned pale. A hundred thousand heads upturned; two hundred thousand arms waved furiously in the air.

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The tide of new-comers flowing up the other streets filled the Place to overflowing; and the vast host of people swayed to and fro, agitated by a thousand passions. All this was the work of but a short time. The Senator leaned over to see what it was.

The Dodge Club; Or, Italy in Mdccclix, Book by James De Mille (Hardcover) |

At once a great cry came up, like the thunder of a cataract, warningly, imperiously, terribly. The Senator drew back confounded.

Suddenly he advanced again. He shook his head deprecatingly, and waved his arms as if to disclaim any evil motives which they might impute to him. But they did not comprehend him. Scores of stiff gens d'armes, hundreds of little soldiers, stopped in their rush to the foot of the column to shake their fists and scream at him.

And what an awkward fix," he added, "for the father of a family to stand hatless on the top of a pillory like this! Misery loves company. Perhaps I can purchase a hat.

  • The Dodge Club; Or, Italy in Mdccclix, Book by James De Mille (Hardcover) |
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  • The Dodge Club Or, Italy in MDCCCLIX -

Six of them seized him and made him prisoner. The indignant Senator remonstrated, and informed them that he was an American citizen. His remark made no impression. They did not understand English. The Senator's wrath made his hair fairly bristle. He contented himself, however, with drawing up the programme of an immediate war between France and the Great Republic.

It took an hour for the column to get emptied.

The Dodge club : or, Italy in MDCCCLIX

It was choked with people rushing up. Seven gentlemen fainted, and three escaped with badly sprained limbs. During this time the Senator remained in the custody of his captors. At last the column was cleared. The prisoner was taken down and placed in a cab. He saw the dense crowd and heard the mighty murmurs of the people.

The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX
The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX
The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX
The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX
The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX The Dodge Club or, Italy in MDCCCLIX

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