Survival Instincts Part 17

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For N. K. Jemisin, World-Building Is a Lesson in Oppression

There were some chocolate bars, airline snacks and several bottles of wine on board. They didn't last long, however, and the specter of starvation loomed. Faced with that reality, the survivors, after much soul searching, agreed to cannibalize the dead in order to buy more time.

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The decision was all the more agonizing, because the survivors would be acting against their strong Roman Catholic faith. In the end, everyone agreed to it. Catastrophe struck again Oct.

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After that, the realization set in that waiting for rescue was futile. Another boy died from his injuries. It was decided that the three strongest survivors would attempt the dangerous trek out of the Andes in search of help. After a few false starts, Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa the third trekker having returned to the fuselage managed to get below the snow line.

Twelve days after setting out, they found some Chilean horsemen who relayed the message that there were still survivors in the mountains. It was mid-December. The final rescue, undertaken by helicopter crews, began 72 days after the crash. By Dec. The story has since been retold in books , film and, more recently, interviews with some survivors.

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Author: Louise Matsakis Louise Matsakis. Mirror World. Dusk on an alien world. A Borg sphere streaks through the sky before crashing on the surface. Night on a foggy , swampy world. A Borg drone walks through the mist. It is joined by a second, and then a third. Finally a fourth appears. They gather near a dead drone. They assess their situation: their vessel has crashed, they seem to be the only survivors, and their link to the Borg Collective has been cut. Seven of Nine notes that the wrecked vessel's transwarp chamber will explode imminently, and leads the other three drones away from the area.

They take the corpse of the dead drone with them. Captain Janeway has authorized a technology and culture exchange, giving the crew an opportunity for shore leave. The bridge is bustling with crew and aliens. Janeway is in her ready room , the room packed with gifts from different visiting alien delegations. Commander Chakotay brings another. Tuvok arrives, not with gifts, but a report not one, not two, but three pages long detailing minor theft and damage of some ship's equipment and crewmembers' personal items, but Janeway, along with Chakotay, is nonetheless pleased at how things are going.

In Astrometrics, Seven of Nine, now a former Borg drone, is working. Naomi Wildman , enters and reminds her of their lunch date. Seven tries to delay it until she has finished, but Naomi's plaintive complaints that she promised makes her stop and agree. They leave together. Outside, the corridor is crowded. Naomi politely asks for space for them to pass, but her small voice cannot be heard over the din.

Dating, illness and the survival instinct

However, Seven's loud, imperious command to " Stand aside! They sit together in the mess hall, observing the aliens mixing with the crew. Naomi begins identifying them by Borg species designations , but Seven sternly chides her, reminding her that both she and Ensign Wildman disapprove of this.

The presence of the large crowd begins to disquiet Seven; she explains that crowds remind her of the Borg Collective. Naomi sympathetically suggests that they leave. They are about to do so when a burly, middle-aged man with a scarred face approaches. When Seven guardedly affirms, he opens a case and shows her some Borg implants.

Seven leaps to her feet, looking as if she has seen a ghost. She remembers the events seen in the Teaser. She identifies the implants as Borg synaptic relays from her old unimatrix , Unimatrix The man offers them to her in trade.

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Seven agrees, takes them and quickly leaves. The man walks way. However, he does not go far. He stands looking around. Then he mentally relays the following information: Stage two is complete. She has the relays. She's going to study them. In Engineering, a woman mentally receives the message and, also mentally, relays the location of Seven's alcove to him: Cargo Bay 2. A young man in a crowded corridor also receives the message.

The three agree to rendezvous at the older man's position, and conspire to penetrate ship's security. The four marooned drones extract parts from the corpse of the dead drone to build a com beacon to contact the Collective. Three of them bear resemblance to the three conspirators. But, as they work, severed from the hive mind , their personalities and pre- assimilation memories begin to reassert themselves. One begins recalling the religious beliefs of his people regarding the treatment of the dead.

Designing Better Levels Through Human Survival Instincts

Two others ask him about it. Talk of individuality starts. But Seven of Nine sternly instructs them to cease the irrelevant talk; they are Borg , not individuals. Meanwhile, the three conspirators discuss their course of action, seated together in the mess hall. At first, they do it mentally, but then they switch to verbal communication.

There is some contention over whether or not they should actually go through with whatever they are planning, but they eventually agree to proceed.

In Cargo Bay 2, Seven, now alone, sets up one of the relays for a multi-polar analysis. The computer informs her that the analysis will take 5 hours and 17 minutes to complete. She decides to pass the time by regenerating. She installs herself in her alcove and goes into the cycle. In the mess hall, the three conspirators, by tapping into the ship's computer through the relay, sense her regeneration.

They begin using this access to reroute internal sensors. But, on the bridge, Lt. Commander Tuvok notices the change at his Tactical station when an alarm on his console beeps. The three conspirators wait at a turbolift as its occupants disembark. When it is empty, they board. As the lift begins to move, the woman mentally has the computer halt it. The older man begins undoing the bolts on a grate in the car's ceiling. On the bridge, Tuvok alerts First Officer Chakotay of a power failure he has detected in the security grid. As the three conspirators make their way through the ventilation shafts and drop down quietly in Cargo Bay 2, Chakotay informs Captain Janeway of the detected security breach.

The conspirators move to Seven's alcove. The man unwraps a cloth, revealing some Borg components. The woman exposes one of her legs, scarred with Borg implants, revealing her to be, like Seven, a former Borg drone. The others are, in fact, former drones as well; they were the drones Seven was marooned with those years prior.

The woman removes an implant from her leg, a Borg interlink nodule, and inserts it into the control console of Seven's alcove. The young man begins to worry about possible harm to Seven, but the woman urges him to remember that " if we fail, we'll never become individuals. He plunges his assimilation tubules into Seven's neck.

Survival Instincts Part 17 Survival Instincts Part 17
Survival Instincts Part 17 Survival Instincts Part 17
Survival Instincts Part 17 Survival Instincts Part 17
Survival Instincts Part 17 Survival Instincts Part 17
Survival Instincts Part 17 Survival Instincts Part 17

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