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Then, the trial. Friends are very important to me and play a pivotal role in my writing I live in the county from where August 12, - Published on Amazon. What an awesome read! I live in the county from where the main character of the book came, and I remember the local events. The way Elaine Fields Smith told this story places you into the story The gruesome details leave you speechless, yet without those detail you'd never get a sense of the harsh reality that existed within Genero Comacho. It's a wonderful example of what a wrong move on the part of so many players who before that moment, were only small players.

Those wrong moves elevated them to the big time, whether they wanted to be there or not.

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Move over Ann Rule, there's a new face in true crime stories! November 22, - Published on Amazon. Smith's book is a riveting tale of a small town young man who involved himself in a murderous journey--the wrong move that changed his life forever. The book is a based on true crime fiction that you won't be able to put down until you finish it.

I read this several months ago, and I still remember the captivating details and the author's insightful telling of the story. November 23, - Published on Amazon. Jack Rosewood. True Crime Seven. Kathryn Bonella. Truman Capote. Chloe Hooper. Andy Greenberg.

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Ronen Bergman. Lenny McLean. Anita Raghavan.

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New Releases. One Wrong Move - Can Kill. Character names were changed to protect the identities of those involved; however the sworn testimony given by those people during that trial is the basis for "One Wrong Move - Can Kill. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Bestsellers in True Crime. Bad Blood John Carreyrou. Add to basket.

One Wrong Move: Can Kill by Elaine Fields Smith

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One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill One Wrong Move - Can Kill
One Wrong Move - Can Kill

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