Limbs from the Willow Tree

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Between the two of us, we bucked and hauled out most of the wood pretty quickly. In the process, we discovered a beehive, the hard way. I got stung once, and that was it.

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But we were both pretty disheartened about the nest; it would be a terrible shame to lose a colony of wild bees in a time when colony collapse is reducing populations of honeybees across the continent. Thankfully, the neighbours managed to track down someone to come and collect the bees.

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I just about jumped for joy when a guy showed up a few days later, and hauled off the three sections of that big old limb containing the nest, now in three parts. My next challenge was a huge pile of brush to deal with.

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But that one limb alone meant I had two giant piles of twigs and branches, still with the leaves on, to get rid of. I worked away at that off and on for a couple of weeks, eventually recruiting my buddy Michael and his truck for that job. All that happened over the course of several weeks. Nothing goes too quickly around here, with so many things to manage all at once, and with everyone so tied up with one thing and another.

Willow Tree Care, Pruning & Disease Prevention

So now two different arborists have been here, and their conclusions match my own: those willows have got to go. One of them, it turns out, condemned that willow in the west corner eight years ago. Again, just like the Manitoba maple on Hamilton Street , minus the surprise removal. The sequel to this post will probably feature at least a few more neighbours, and some amazing vehicles and equipment, and men in trees dangling from ropes. Healing and Hope. Betty Ford. Women Who Think Too Much.

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    Weeping Willow Pruning: Should I Cut Back A Weeping Willow Tree

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    Rebecca Henderson. Powerless No More. Jody Yarde. Drugs Are Great. People from various times and cultures have discovered and harnessed the efficacious properties of the substance to treat headaches and fever. You'll find willow trees in a variety of cultural expressions, whether in the arts or in spirituality.

    Willow trees often appear as symbols of death and loss, but they bring magic and mystery to people's minds, as well. Willows appear as potent symbols in modern and classic literature.

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    Traditional interpretations associate the willow with grief, but modern interpretations sometimes chart new territory for the tree's significance. The weeping willow tree is prominently featured in spiritualities and mythologies throughout the world, both ancient and modern. The beauty, dignity, and grace of the tree evokes feelings, emotions, and associations that run the gamut from melancholy to magic to empowerment.

    Willows are literally used for art. Sketching charcoal is often made from processed willow bark and trees. Since willows have branches that curve down to the ground and seem to weep, they are often seen as symbolic of death.

    Limbs from the Willow Tree Limbs from the Willow Tree
    Limbs from the Willow Tree Limbs from the Willow Tree
    Limbs from the Willow Tree Limbs from the Willow Tree
    Limbs from the Willow Tree Limbs from the Willow Tree
    Limbs from the Willow Tree Limbs from the Willow Tree
    Limbs from the Willow Tree Limbs from the Willow Tree
    Limbs from the Willow Tree Limbs from the Willow Tree

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