House of Redemption

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Redemption House Live

Accountability is an important aspect of the recovery process. If a resident can follow this concept successfully, then he or she will have a much better chance of maintaining long-term sobriety. We trust that our residents are not using, but verify with random drug tests.

This aspect of the program adds accountability. Living in our sober living community is a great option for those who have made a decision to adopt a life of sobriety. Residents get strong peer support and a structure that encourages the necessary life changes required for successful recovery. Treatment and participation in twelve-step self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have helped millions of recovering addicts to change their behavior and adopt lifelong abstinence.

Redemption House pursuing 2nd location

However, many recovering individuals need more support than AA and NA alone. Second WakeUp House provides the additional support and environment that empowers members to flourish and become the people God intended them to be.

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Unanimous consent of all members sends a powerful message of commitment to new members and fosters unity of purpose throughout the membership. Sober Living House Benefits.

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A faith-based atmosphere A safe, sober living environment Everyone is accountable YMCA membership included Wireless internet Newly built or remodeled Close proximity to AA and NA meetings Quiet living in lovely downtown neighborhood Internet access Clean, comfortable bedrooms Beautifully appointed common areas Attractive and well-maintained interiors and exteriors All utilities included in rent Fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities The security and serenity offered through a drug and alcohol-free home Easy access to public transportation A supportive, friendly environment that encourages members to attend faith-based studies, Twelve Step meetings, house meetings and community activities Homes are close to parks, professional offices, and houses of worship An atmosphere that affords privacy, anonymity and discretion for the residents.

Every Legacies of Success house has a story. Most of the homes we acquire are vacant--visible signs of the challenges that North Hill has faced in recent times. However, with each vacant and forgotten house that we restore, we see the beauty of transformation that is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And just like many of us, some houses require more work than others. Legacies of Success received a phone call one late December afternoon with the offer of a free house that a local investor was trying to donate before the end of the year.

Redemption House

Overjoyed at the prospect of receiving a house for free, we readily accepted the gift. After receiving the notice from the City of Akron, our team headed over to the house to survey the condition of the house. We soon found that although the house had been vacated by the previous owners, it had continued to be occupied by over 30 neighborhood cats. As you could imagine, the smell alone was enough to make us start to rethink the decision to accept this house.

House of Redemption House of Redemption
House of Redemption House of Redemption
House of Redemption House of Redemption
House of Redemption House of Redemption
House of Redemption House of Redemption
House of Redemption House of Redemption
House of Redemption House of Redemption

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