GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)

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Another interesting use of the form although that is by no means its only merit , Nabokov uses The Enchanter as a one-autumn experiment: Its accumulative metaphors and surreal crescendos are dizzying and dazzling, but it's altogether a more brutal work. An enlightening, if deeply unsettling, read for lovers of his later text. A reimagining of the myth of Iphis from Ovid's Metamorphoses, Girl Meets Boy is written in Smith's characteristic figure-skating, twisting, turning, stream-of-consciousness style. The voices of the narrating sisters Andrea and Imogen as well as Andrea's lover Robin with her "swagger of a girl" and blush of a boy are precise, funny, lyrical, natural.

An example of complicated love in the happiest sense. Ivan Turgenev's novella draws from his own autobiography to tell the tale of year-old Vladimir Petrovich, infatuated with his beautiful and capricious new neighbour. An archetypal story of unrequited love, enjoyable for its Russian flourishes — out-of-luck princesses and strings of suitors — and its capturing of a first crush: This one tells the story of an academic Parisian, Michel, who, after a bout of tuberculosis, seeks "authenticity" through hedonism.

Exactly what he discovers is for the reader to judge, but his journey takes him from Tunis to Normandy, into the arms of young boys, and, in a typical Gidean manoeuvre, kills off his wife. It's the adults, though, who are getting the tattoos.

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The Little Prince and his rose are commonly found intertwined in ink, embedded on a sleeve or thigh, alongside the lines "Because she is my rose" or "There is a flower, I think that she has tamed me". A cross-species love story for the whole family. Re-reading this, I was struck by the dialogue: Capote's novella, tracing the trials of Holiday Golightly with her perennial Christmas tree and unnamed cat, is bleaker and more tobacco-stained than the shiny film version, but all the more touching for it: Someone borrowed my copy of The Virgin Suicides and hasn't given it back.

The story of five sisters who commit suicide over the course of one year in s Michigan is narrated in haunting first-person plural by the neighbourhood boys who came to love them. OK, so the New York Times says it's "almost novella-length" but it must be mentioned. Cor blimey and gee whiz! Origin of bizarre exclamations revealed This phrase which comes from Suffolk expresses irritation and is linked to the annoyance felt by candlemakers when dirt stuck to the wick while it was being handled. When I find them, I will kill them, for this is as close to a perfect book as I've ever read.

Three Restaurants to Try This Weekend

Skyrim - Never steal a sweet roll. Swedish Cakes And Cookies. A walk-up window planted in the middle of patio full of wood tables accommodates casual summer customers. Keep the night going with a trip to Barcelona nearby, where bartenders step on the bar to freely pour porron pitchers.

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Start off with one of many spritzes grapefruit is a good call. Absorb the booze with hefty molletes , open-faced sandwiches stuffed with chorizo. Veggie skewers with charred edges come straight off the grill, arriving alongside rolled-up tortillas for DIY tacos. Second-day eating rewards any victory the latter can claim. Sake tastings double as teaching moments, presented in a trio of saucers that are labeled by grade junmai or honjozo. Warm up your palate in the hot small plates section by trying hanger steak with garlic-miso sauce, seasonal jumbo soft shell crab with ponzu, or grilled avocado with lobster, wasabi, and mayo sauce.

For vegan pansit : I recently visited the Game Sports Pub in Adams Morgan to sample the Filipino fare that replaced the bar-friendly menu from the Ventnor.

Start off with the Spanish style gambas al ajillo shrimp in garlic. Soak up the chile oil with ciabatta bread, then dunk expertly-fried pork and mushroom spring rolls into a sweet mango-chile vinegar. The family-style vegan pansit , a medley of crispy tofu, vegetables, soy sauce, and mushroom stock that will fill you up fast and holds well for leftover the next day. Then go upstairs to the new Tiki on 18th to find more of his cooking, where his pork belly appears on a skewer atop a banana leaf.

The aforementioned cicchetti proved to be the best part of the meal. Small samples of lightly battered calamari, breaded and quartered artichoke hearts, meatballs in red sauce, and pork ribs drizzled in viscous balsamic were all winners. A milky ball of burrata, a small spoonful of orange jam, and a rosemary flavored crostini made for an appealing combo.

The entree-sized primi , served in gigantic portions that made them natural for sharing, too, were more hit-and-miss. Rabbit cacciatora, thoroughly tenderized by a braise in an olive-packed tomato sauce, was the best of the bunch even though most bites were studded with tiny bones that stuck in my teeth like buckshot.

Be wary of the seafood risotto. No one fell ill, but the shrimp were mushy and the scallops tasted off. For a five-alarm catfish sando: One of the first dishes that announced Himitsu as an elite player on D. That was phased out a long time ago, but a new Southern-Asian mash-up might prove to be just as iconic.

For a savory brunch twist: Tryst briefly closed in Adams Morgan this week because of a fire on the roof, but the cafe is up and running again, which means you can go try an Americanized application of a Middle Eastern classic. Snag the booth where John F.

November 2006

Kennedy reportedly popped the question to Jackie O. The final is on Sunday, July 7 at 11 a. Cool off with its refreshing ceviche, featuring juicy chunks of fish swimming in cilantro lime water alongside bright cubes of mango and pineapple with crispy plantain chips as scooping vessels. The huevos rancheros order fills you up fast if you go with the generous helping of pulled pork that owner Manuel Iguina recommends adding.

Tons of D.

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On a recent visit with a girlfriend, we chatted it up with a couple at our communal table about our love for the Mexican spirit — and they later surprised us with a round of shots. Also a good call: Its savory and spicy Garden Grove cocktail — one of its most popular since opening in May — filled with El Jimador Blanco and foamy cucumber bubbles.

For a prime date night downtown: D. Walk around between pasta and pizza courses to get a glimpse of its curated lineup of museum-quality artwork and images depicting throwback Italian culture. Still up for an after-dinner drink? For example, a French 75 gets an upgrade with the use of Grand Marnier Louis Alexandres instead of gin. The glossy menu on request , months in the works, also elevates a Vieux Carre via Pierre Ferrand Cognac and spells out recipes and history behind each elixir.

A newly ramped-up food menu also leans on the fancier side. Elegant silverware arrives to slather whipped butter atop cornbread toasts. A boat of togarashi fries with wasabi emulsion makes it difficult to eat fewer than than 10 or 20 potato sticks. Eat both ASAP, or the crunchy grocery store toppings get a little soggy. The offbeat pies are only available at its Georgetown store, which seems ideal for college students catching drinks after summer school. Soupergirl just set up shop inside Union Market with all of its latest to-go bottles stocked in an icy cooler.

Opt for an on-site sampler of its bright beet, cucumber, and green tomato flavors, all filling up large clear vats. There are also portable vegetable tahini bowls packed with lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, summer squash, cucumber, and walnuts. The lemon tahini dressing-topped order is a big surprise seller this season, owner Sara Polon tells Eater. Joe Biden was known to frequent the spot during his time as Vice President.

But what really blew me away on a recent visit was its delicious ramen, a new-ish offering based in tonkotsu -style pork broth. The sleeper hit arrived on the menu in January but has only recently started to catch on go ahead and add pork belly or fried soft shell crab while you can. For beer, skip the everyday Sapporo and go with a hard-to-find Orion bottle imported from Japan. The flounder carpaccio with truffle vinaigrette sauce is another unique find. The casual pizzeria doubles as the latest unofficial meet-up for cute dogs and their owners craving cheesy mushroom pies, chicken wings, and Aperol Spritz pours.

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The red-splashed outdoor setup is opening a little earlier noon while its temporarily-closed Italian sibling Osteria Morini undergoes renovations due to an unfortunate kitchen fire this month. The Nationals take on the Braves at home tonight at p. Sundays these days call for jambalaya feasts with andouille sausage and Carolina Gold plantation rice. Drinks also cover a lot of territory. Refreshing sparkling wines from Albuquerque, New Mexico, pair well with a strawberry shortcake finale. For overflowing tacos: The smells of sizzling garlic and meat lured me in off the street to try Taqueria los Compadres in Mount Pleasant on a recent Saturday.

When I saw the amount of pork spilling out of an al pastor taco, I was glad I made the trip. Cabeza puerco pig head tacos introduced me to morsels of pure, white fat that mixed in nicely with rendered cheek meat. Guacamole here is a bit of a misnomer, but a tasty one nonetheless. Instead of a creamy mash, a bowl of avocado-augmented salsa verde arrives with tostadas for dipping and pureed peppers that linger on your tongue through the course of the meal. Luckily, he left the downtown spot in good hands with his former sous chef, Leo Harvey, who just rolled out lounge menu items for his first summer at the helm.

Coconut shrimp come with pickled mango salsa and coconut lime sticky rice.

GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll) GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)
GEE IF ONLY (a Literary Sweet Roll)

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