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We have passed CEN tes This specially made HEMA Helmet comes with a leather cover as well as a zippered back head protector With the support of all our customers and hard work of all our staff, we have been growing very fast and has become one of the leading producers of fencing gears in China. Our fencing equipment are made under the supervision of China Fencing Association and in line with FIE rules to make sure if suits fencers all over the world.

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We are also one of the approved suppliers of HongKong Fencing Federation. Our factory is composed of several workshop to cover the production of blade, weapon parts, mask, lame, protective uniform, globe, bags and so on, We only use skilled and experienced workers.

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Electric equipment gives fencers immediate feedback about whether they are hitting correctly or at all and is also required for official USA Fencing tournaments. For foil and epee weapons there are many choices available for the grip the part that you hold in your hand. There are two general types, French and Pistol, but there are many variations of the pistol grip with different shapes and sizes.

All variations of the pistol grip can be bare metal or have an insulated coating. Also, the same style of grip can differ slightly between manufacturers, so it is important to identify both the style and manufacturer that is the most comfortable.


The available and legal styles are shown below. The "classic" grip, it is noticeably simpler in design than the pistol grip.

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This simplicity allows it to fit almost any size hand, but it also makes it less comfortable to hold. This grip has a coating made of rubber or leather. TFC's practice weapons used by students in the beginner classes all have this grip. The original pistol grip design, the finger grooves and stems allow it to fit much more comfortably in a fencer's hand.

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Plus this style is available in multiple sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of fencers. This style is sometimes referred to as "Italian Visconti". A bulkier design with a third finger stem instead of grooves, most vendors only offer one size that is only useful for fencers with medium-sized hands. Table version.

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    Equipped with Ethernet port for the on-line management of competitions. A large-sized scoreboard x62cm to be placed at the centre of the piste, during fencing finals. It is equipped with a sturdy case to facilitate transportation.

    Miniaturized signalling device for foil and epee hits, and tester for the body-cords of the three fencing weapons. Miniaturized electronic signalling wrist-device, with battery and without plug, for hits of the fencing foil.

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    • Fencing Equipment: Epee Fencing Equipment: Epee
      Fencing Equipment: Epee Fencing Equipment: Epee
      Fencing Equipment: Epee Fencing Equipment: Epee
      Fencing Equipment: Epee Fencing Equipment: Epee
      Fencing Equipment: Epee Fencing Equipment: Epee
      Fencing Equipment: Epee Fencing Equipment: Epee

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